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Help have a voice and contact a member of the Hawaii media today. We have made it very simple with just a few clicks.

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Help give a voice to our legislature and contact a member of our government.

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Help have a political voice and contact a member of the Hawaii State Senate today.

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Help WorldPeacePlan.Org rally the Hawaii Tourism Industry and contact an official today.

Contact the officials at We have made it very simple with just a few clicks to let your voice be heard.

Scott Morishige

Scott Morishige the Hawaii State Administrator to target homelessness issues. Reach out to the man at the top.

Civil Beat news

Civil Beat has a strong voice in Hawaii. Help us reach out to them by clicking this link.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to end poverty with literacy.
The houseless population can earn a safe place to sleep.

We have designed what we call a Portable Emergency Pod to be used for post natural disasters and emergency situations such as a flood, hurricane, people fleeing their country, refugees or people who are just plain houseless. These portable stand-alone pods are an optional temporary solution that can be immediately deployed in an emergency. For our Local Plan, we are asking partner organizations and legislators to allow the use of public property for emergencies. We at help our “home-free” population earn their stay overnight and store their belongings with our writing program.

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    Percentages are based on the 2015 calendar year.

  • Vision

    Our vision is clear. Our intention cannot be moved.

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    Our fundraising goal for 2016 is 1,000,000.

  • Awarness

    Our events will continue to bring awareness to our communities.

our team members

We're passionate, excited and enthusiastic about where we're going.
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Charlene Thein

Administrative Assistant / Campaign Manager
Charlene is a key player in our strategic targeting strategies used in our fundraising efforts and has been a leader sense the beginning.
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Eric Butler

Executive Director / Founder
Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director Eric Butler has overall strategic and operational responsibility for WorldPeacePlan.Org staff, programs, expansion, and execution of our mission.
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Andrew Porter

Web Development / Communications Director
Andrew manages all forms of communications, web development and planning initiatives.
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